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A Theory Of The Drone

A medida que más y más drones (aviones no tripulados) se lanzan a la batalla, la guerra tiene ahora el potencial de transformarse en un reino de asesinatos secretos y dirigidos- más allá de la vista y el control no sólo de los enemigos potenciales, sino también de los ciudadanos de las democracias. Mucho más que una simple tecnología, Chamayou muestra que los drones están influyendo profundamente en lo que significa para una democracia el hacer la guerra. Una teoría del Drone será una lectura esencial para todos los que se preocupan por esta importante cuestión.


Expanded Cinema

When  we  say  expanded  cinema  we  actually  mean  expanded  consciousness.  Expanded  cinema  does  not  mean  computer  films,  video  phosphors,  atomic  light,  or  spherical  projections.  Expanded  cinema isn’t a movie at all: like life it’s a process of becoming, man’s  ongoing historical drive to manifest his consciousness outside of his  mind,  in  front  of  his  eyes.  One  no  longer  can  specialize  in  a  single  discipline  and  hope  truthfully  to  express  a  clear  picture  of  its  relationships in the environment. This is especially true in the case of  the intermedia network of cinema and television, which now functions  as nothing less than the  nervous system of mankind



The Glitch Moment(um)

About the publication: In this book, Rosa Menkman brings in early information theorists not usually encountered in glitch’s theoretical foundations to refine a signal and informational vocabulary appropriate to glitch’s technological moment(um) and orientations. The book makes sense of recent glitch art and culture: technically, culturally, critically, aesthetically and finally as a genre.

The glitch takes on a different form in relation to noise, failure or the accident. It transitions between artifact and filter; between radical breakages and commodification processes. Menkman shows how we need to be clearer about the relationship between the technical and cultural dimensions of glitch culture. Honing in on the specificities of glitch artifacts within this broader perspective makes it possible to think through some of the more interesting implications of glitched media experience. Using a critical media aesthetic orientation, Menkman addresses the ongoing definitional tensions, paradoxes, and debates that any notion of glitch art as a genre must negotiate, rather than elude.

About the author: Rosa Menkman is a Dutch visualist, theorist and curator, working with glitches, compressions, feedback and other forms of noise artifacts, aiming to contribute to the development of a discourse for glitch art and culture.