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Experimental Documentary Shortfilm, 2012
Spoken Language: Spanish & German with English Subtitles.

Produced by La Reverie Films, Madrid
Producer: Marta Palacios Anaut
Directed by: Tais Bielsa Rey

Vostell Happening offers an approach to the creative universe of Wolf Vostell: a founding member of the Fluxus Movement in Europe, pioneer of the happening, installation and video art, Vostell is recognized as one of the most important artists of the second half of the 20th century. His work and philosophy claiming creativity as part of everyday life under the maxim “art = life, life = art”. In 1974, Vostell met Malpartida de Caceres, (Extremadura), where he declared “A masterpiece of nature” the natural park of Los Barruecos. There he conceived the idea of creating an Art Museum unique in the world, a place where art, life and nature converge.



Expanded Cinema

When  we  say  expanded  cinema  we  actually  mean  expanded  consciousness.  Expanded  cinema  does  not  mean  computer  films,  video  phosphors,  atomic  light,  or  spherical  projections.  Expanded  cinema isn’t a movie at all: like life it’s a process of becoming, man’s  ongoing historical drive to manifest his consciousness outside of his  mind,  in  front  of  his  eyes.  One  no  longer  can  specialize  in  a  single  discipline  and  hope  truthfully  to  express  a  clear  picture  of  its  relationships in the environment. This is especially true in the case of  the intermedia network of cinema and television, which now functions  as nothing less than the  nervous system of mankind



Too Much World

Hito Steyerl es acertadamente considerada como una de las artistas más interesantes de hoy en día que especula sobre el impacto de Internet y la digitalización en el tejido de nuestras vidas diarias. Sus películas y escritos ofrecen un astuto, provocativo, y a menudo divertido análisis de la vertiginosa velocidad con la que  las imágenes y datos se reconfiguran, se alteran y se dispersan, muchas veces, acelerando hasta el infinito o estrellándose en el olvido.