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La percepción del glitch

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The Glitch Moment(um)

About the publication: In this book, Rosa Menkman brings in early information theorists not usually encountered in glitch’s theoretical foundations to refine a signal and informational vocabulary appropriate to glitch’s technological moment(um) and orientations. The book makes sense of recent glitch art and culture: technically, culturally, critically, aesthetically and finally as a genre.

The glitch takes on a different form in relation to noise, failure or the accident. It transitions between artifact and filter; between radical breakages and commodification processes. Menkman shows how we need to be clearer about the relationship between the technical and cultural dimensions of glitch culture. Honing in on the specificities of glitch artifacts within this broader perspective makes it possible to think through some of the more interesting implications of glitched media experience. Using a critical media aesthetic orientation, Menkman addresses the ongoing definitional tensions, paradoxes, and debates that any notion of glitch art as a genre must negotiate, rather than elude.

About the author: Rosa Menkman is a Dutch visualist, theorist and curator, working with glitches, compressions, feedback and other forms of noise artifacts, aiming to contribute to the development of a discourse for glitch art and culture.



El arte glitch usulamente refiere a la provocación intencional o la apropiación de un glitch por un artista. Los artistas del glitch investigan y coleccionan glitches para trabajar en diversos medios (sonido, web, imágenes, vídeo, performances de audio y vídeo en tiempo real, instalaciones, textos, videojuegos, artware o software art, etc)  y por muchas razones (para explorar la estética y el potencial conceptual de los glitches, para examinar la política embebida en los sistemas tecnológicos, para crear experiencias digitales psicodélicas y/o sinestésicas, para el hacktivismo, para explorar temas de fallo, posibilidad, memoria, nostalgia, entropía, etc).