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Art Ex Machina

Michael Noll, 1970

The Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism

Offering a comprehensive introduction to postmodernism, this Companion features examinations of the different aspects of postmodernist thought and culture that have had a significant effect on contemporary critical thought. Topics discussed by experts in the field include postmodernism’s relation to modernity, and its significance and relevance to literature, film, law, philosophy, and modern cultural studies.

Unmarked The Politics Of Performance

Unmarked is a controversial analysis of the fraught relation between political and representational visibility in contemporary culture. Written from and for the Left, Unmarked rethinks the claims of visibility politics through a feminist psychoanalytic examination of specific performance texts – including photography, painting, film, theatre and anti-abortion demonstrations.

El Anti-edipo. Capitalismo y Esquizofrenia

Título original: L’Anti-Oedipe. Capitalisme et schizophrénie Publicado en francés por Les Éditions de Minuit, París, 1972


Traducción De Francisco Monge. Edición en Castellano 1985. Editorial Paidós.