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Libertar.io is an education laboratory for Philosophy and Computing Arts based in Barcelona

Research fields

Virtual Reality, Video Mapping and Augmented Reality, Algorithmic Art, Computer Design and Architecture, Software Development, Hardware and Electronics, Hacking, Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Interactive Systems, Music, Literature, Cinema, 3D Arts.



Libertar.io’s Philosophy and Computing Arts Program of Studies aims to cultivate artistic-technological creation and critical thinking from the intersection of philosophy, computational art and research in technoscience.


Aware that the classroom can be the laboratory from which to break the molds of social normalization, this program of studies is constituted as a space for the exploration of the human-machine symbiosis, by means of the practical-theoretical synthesis in devices and experiences that serve as tools of individual and political liberation to try the transformation and creation of new realities.


During its trajectory, the educational program in philosophy and computing arts carried out by Libertar.io in Barcelona since 2015 has welcomed more than 200 participants from countries of America, Asia and the Mediterranean, using a pedagogical approach that addresses the training processes as live practices open-source capable of forming new knowledge, methodologically overcoming the boundaries between academic disciplines.



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Contribute to the expansion of this initiative, and deepening current research areas, allowing it to evolve into more complex and benefitial forms for all.

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If you or your organization has an adequate space for one of our educational activities please contact us info[at]libertar.io

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We are looking for ‘old’ computers, office machines (printers, scanners, photocopiers …), audiovisual equipment (photo or video cameras, projection equipment …). Please write us lab [at] libertar.io