Xcode and VisualStudio IDE Setup

Mac OS X: Xcode IDE Integrated Development Environment

  1. Login  http://developer.apple.com

ofx kinect-10


2. Download XCode IDE (>3GB)


For older Mac OSX computers please select your Xcode version  https://developer.apple.com/download/more/

3. Install Command Line Tools

  • At the Downloads page Apple/developer search for Command Line Toolsimage1.jpg
  • Or go to Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and execute this line “xcode-select –install”

ofx kinect-12

Con la finalidad de conservar espacio en nuestro disco duro, necesitamos eliminar periódicamente los archivos localizados en Derived Data


Windows OS: Visual Studio 2015 IDE Integrated Development Environment

  1. Download Visual Studio Community 2015 (<20MB)


2. Install



3.Video Codecs

K-Lite Codec Pack – Version 12.1.0 Full April 18th 2016 (34MB)


Try the IDE installation by testing a C++ languaje application using OpenFrameworks toolkit.

  1. Download OpenFrameworks for your Operating System O.S.


2. Windows & Visual Studio

  • Before you can use openFrameworks with Visual Studio, you must have installed Common Tools for Visual C ++ 2015, otherwise you will get an error message later. To install, go to File> New> Project and choose Visual C ++ in the section of installed templates. Now there must be an option to install the tools, if they are not. Select, confirm with ‘OK’ and follow the instructions.
  • From Visual Studio, go to Tools> Extensions and Updates (Tools> Extensions and Updates). Select “online” and search for openFrameworks and install the plugin.
    That lets us use File> New> Project to create New OpenFrameworks Project and the context menu to remove or add OF addons.
  • After running the first installation of Visual Studio, the system will have to install some additional tools for C ++.
  • Unzip the downloaded zip of openFrameworks and place the content in some easy-to-find folder.
  • Select a project from the “Examples” folder.
    For example Examples / graphics / graphicExample. Double-click on the .vcxproj file. Visual Studio must open the project. In Visual Studio, click on the “Run” button with the ‘Local Windows Debugger’ scheme activated next to that button.

Example Project

  • This causes Visual Studio to display a message that it will download and install additional files (and ask for Visual Studio to close during the process). After it is complete you can restart Visual Studio and go through this process again, the OpenFrameworks sample must now compile and run.

3. Mac OSX & Xcode IDE

  • Go to Folder of_v0.9.x_osx_release/examples/graphics/graphicsExample and Build-Run .xcodeproj extension file.
  • In XCode, opren your .xcodeproj file and press “play” which means Build and the Run the program. Change the scheme from OpenFrameworks default to  ourProjectName- debug:

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