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  • Thinking with agency – towards a materialization of a new materialist politics
Thinking with agency – towards a materialization of a new materialist politics

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Dates: 20 , 21 st , and 22nd of November, 2017
Place: Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona

The training school will take place over three days, with sessions conducted both by local and international political actors and researchers within new materialism. Keynotes will be delivered in dialogues  rather than individual speeches :

1. Karen Barad (University of Santa Cruz, California) and Iris van der Tuin (Utrecht University): “New m aterialism: How matter comes to matter”.

2. Felicity Colman (Kingston University, UK) and Brigitte Bargetz (University of Vienna): “Affective politics: th e entanglement between affect and politics”.

3. Gala Pin , Councillor for Participation and Districts (Barcelona City Council )  and Whitney Stark (Utrecht University): “Practicing new materialist politics: bridges between representational politics and activism”.


In addition to this, the following workshops will be addressed to/ designed for interested PhD students and young researchers:

Workshop 1_ Olga Cielemecka & Monika Rogowska-Stangret: Matters of voice and silence. How to speak, listen, and keep quiet in academia? We wish to collectively ref lect on how voice is being distributed and materialized in academia; whose voice is being listened to and heard, and which voices are ignored, silenced, de‐ legitimised or policed? And also: what is the meaning and matter of silence, how is it (not) heard, how is silence coming to matter? We want to train ourselves in speaking up but also in shutting up and appreciating different forms of engagement in academic discussions.

Workshop 2_ Brigitte Bargetz & Whitney Stark: Toward Quantum Affectivity and Materia lity in Being Together Through experimental practice, this workshop aims at explicitly recognizing the alliances, coalitional possibilities, and perhaps non‐ linear samenesses of quantum physics materialisms and affective politics for queer feminist antira cist politics. We aim at feeling through myriad everyday politics and at enflaming structural dis/similarities of affect, agency, assemblages, the materialities of the felt, of identities, and of histories — in a critical reparative desire for transversal to ols that build more politically salient and less violent organizational and pedagogical practices. Specifically, we will approach affective assemblies, safer spaces, and collectivities from difference that strategically work toward lessening oppressive str uctures

Workshop 3_ Katja Brøgger  & Dorthe Staunæs: New materialist critique and research respons -­‐ ability . When critique is always already entangled with and in touch with the research(ed) . The workshop will address the question ‘what is critique?’  as a methodological approach rather than criticism as a moralizing activity. It will follow up upon how to work with an ethically sound and affirmative critiques based on the Foucauldian distinction between critique and criticism and further elaborated as for  instance respons -­‐ ability by Karen Barad and affirmative critique by Rosi Braidotti among others. Through different conceptual and materializing experiments, we will facilitate the participants’ capacity to analyze issues of critique, respons -­‐ ability and t he possibilities and pitfalls of different forms of criticism and cruel optimisms (Berlant 2010). W e aim to facilitate a workshop that makes the participants able to relate the ethical and methodological challenges in their own research to the overall sco pe and methods of the workshop. The teaching style is a mixture of small papers and experimentations with concepts and forms of critique.

Workshop 4_ Laura Benítez, Fernando Hernández & Pau Alsina: New materialisms, arts and education In this workshop , the instructors will explore how new materialisms have reframed totally pedagogical curriculums in the area of arts (specifically in postgraduate courses), but also reframe different institutions in themselves due to the viewpoint and differing performan ces carried out in such contexts. New materialisms make visible specific relationships that alter pedagogy and arts while certain relationships become transformative material practices.

Workshop 5_ Begonya Sáez Tajafuerce, Felicity Colman & Krizia Nardi ni: The Body and Politics via a New Materialism algorithmic lens In this workshop we investigate what the concept of ‘the body’ means in light of the discourses of new materialism and the contemporary algorithmic conditions that mediate lived practices. We do this through an interdisciplinary workshop; drawing from readings that problematize the notion of ‘the body’; as inhuman (Lyotard 1991); as biopolitical (Braidotti); and as performed (Butler) –  via the algorithmic situation (Schuppli 2014), and the q uestion of the technology of media platforms. We ask how new materialist tools can assist us in thinking our contemporary situation, and problematize previous classifications of the body politic.

Workshop 6_ Lab Libertar.io: Disassembling the System: C reative Coding Workshop Beyond the screen there is a living non -­‐ organic world composed of the interactions of data flows, network architectures and human affects and percepts. Through  deconstructive tactics, this workshop deals with multimedia and connect ed forms of creative programming, in order to exercise agency in the commodified digital age.

Besides these workshops and dialogues, during the training school, there will be several artists materializing politically whatever is happening, so if you are interested in coming as an artist, please send a formal letter with the heading: willingness to participate as a political artist during the training school.

Deadline for applications: Please send by the 1st of June, 2017 to admin@newmaterialism.eu wi th the heading: TS New Materialist Politics Application. Decisions will be announced on the 25th of June, and supplementary materials made available to all participants. Grants are available for selected participants from European countries listed here: http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/isch/IS1307?parties




Attendance to the dialogues is free but registration is compulsory due to limited spaces. Send an email to bearev25@gmail.com for registration.
Workshops are restricted to only those who applied on time and have been accepted.

*All the events will be happening in the rooms called El Claustro, Sala de Actes

1st Day: 20/11/2017

4.00 – 4.30: Welcoming
4.30 – 6.30: Dialogue between Maria Tamboukou & Iris van der Tuin. Room: El Claustro
6.30 – 7.30: Welcoming drink at Claustro

2nd Day: 21/11/2017

9.30 – 11.30: Dialogue between Felicity Colman & Brigitte Bargetz. Room: El Claustro
11.30 – 12.00: Coffee break
12.00 – 14.00: Parallel Workshops

-Matters of voice and silence. How to speak, listen, and keep quiet in academia? 1 (Room El Claustro)

-Toward Quantum Affectivity and Materiality in Being Together (Room Sala d’Actes)

14.00 – 15.00: Lunch break
15.00 – 17.00: Parallel workshops

-New materialist critique and research respons-ability. When critique is always already entangled with and in touch with the research(ed) (Room El Claustro)

– New materialisms, arts and education (Room Sala de Actes)

*Training school dinner: Place to be announced.

3rd Day: 22/11/2017
9.30 – 11.30: Parallel workshops:

-The Body and Politics via a New Materialism algorithmic lens (Room: El claustre)

Disassembling the System: Creative Coding Workshop (Room Sala d’Actes)

11.30 – 12.00: Coffee break
12.00 – 14.00: Dialogue between Gala Pin & Whitney Stark (Room: El Claustre)
14.00-14.30: Closing the training in the “Terraza”.


IMPORTANT: Participants must have prepared the documentation provided by the tutors of the Workshops before coming to the training school. This information will be accessed via Google drive


On the Existence of Digital Objects – Yuk Hui – 45-73


We can offer you two different places with a special conference rate and next to the workshop but with a limitation of time:
Chic and Basic:
Standard double room or individual (same price for both) – 69 €
Superior room 76 €
Breakfast buffet – 9.90 €
City tax – 0.72 €


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